The Children’s Emergency Aid Cambodia

In 2004, a private group of friends, including a former INTERPOL employee, started an initiative to help orphans in Cambodia.

Hard personal impressions awakened the desire to become active in helping

A report from Cambodia:

A couple was detained by the police for cruelty against an 11-year-old girl.

The picture shows 11-year-old Sreyneang, who has suffered terrible scars from beatings and torture by the 41-year-old teacher. The woman and her husband were arrested and taken for questioning because of this on October 16.

The 11-year-old girl named Sreyneang is an orphan and was sold by her grandmother for 350 euros to the 41-year-old teacher and her husband who also works as a teacher as a domestic help about 7 months ago.

The girl, whose body has terrible scars, testified that she was beaten and tortured. Her daily routine consisted of beatings with sticks and a stun gun. Several times the teacher used pliers to twist her skin which left terrible scars.

The child testified to the police that they never let her out of the house. One day the teacher ordered the child to buy rice porridge at the market. She looked emaciated, pale and exhausted, which made a market woman suspicious and questioned the girl.

She told the market woman that she was abused, beaten and tortured daily by the landlady.
The market woman examined the body of the child and was horrified when she saw the
horrible scars all over the child’s body and then called the police.

Sreyneang told the police that she had been beaten and tortured day and night. The woman’s husband had never beaten her but watched unmoved and never tried to stop his wife when she was abusing and torturing her.

The landlady told the police that the child had been disobedient and had not listened to her.
As a result, she regularly punished the child.

Through our help the girl has been taken in an orphanage.

Donation handover from K.N.K. for Sreyneang